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Too Much to Learn with Too Little Help

I feel sorry when I look at the tiny tots carrying cart loads of books and going to school. Both the kids and their parents have to do a lot of work right from the time the kids are in LKG.

Anxious parents are so desperate to help their kids that they even start doing the children's homework and project reports.

If they really want to help their children they should know HOW their children learn and how best to teach them to learn on their own. Knowing their children's learning styles and teaching them according to what suits them best can get amazing results.

How do you find out about the learning styles of children? Here is a sure free way to do it.

Here is a Free Personal Learning Styles Inventory, at HowtoLearn.com. It's a quick and easy online test to help you figure out how you or your child learns best -- by seeing, hearing, or doing. Check it out by clicking here.

And of course keep those questions coming in.