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Health Education and Multicultural Teaching

If you are looking for books and learning materials to help the youth take a hold on their life, you should check out some of the products available with Wheel Council.

For example, ' Knowledge Power and Skill Power' is:

"Book 1 in Power Booklet series: Activity workbook with information on how the brain works, harmful substances, and problem solving skills for young teens".

Check out their complete catalogue of Health Education and Multi Cultural Teaching.

Story telling is a powerful way of helping people overcome problems.

Here is a story telling project facilitator's manual:

Storytelling Project: Facilitator's Manual

The Storytelling Project is a series of 10 activities to help youngsters and adults alike to practice the oral traditions of storytelling through games, improve, learning the stages of stories and transforming a personal experience that was difficult, like as "test" into a story from the mythic realm. Helpers, archetypes and archetypal characteristics provide the template for stories. The Storytelling Project, designed for youngsters, can be adapted for adults. End the activities with a storytelling concert by participants. Art activities, stories and plays are included and can be used to round out this dynamic activity book.

Facilitator's Manual: Ten activities with additional hints and tips for facilitators to assist them in helping youth learn to tell their own stories.

You can find more information by going to Wheel Council.