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Are You Looking for Antique Rings, Carpets or Fire Place Mantels?

Are you an antique collector? What are you looking for? Antique rings, carpets or fireplace mantels?

My brother is a collector of antiques and his house is filled with precious things passed on from generations and collected after careful scrutiny.

He knows when he spots a true antique and can distinguish it from fake ones. According to him to be a true collector you need to,

Understand antiques
Understand the antique market
Determine what to collect

For tips on how to start with your collection, check this out:

What do you think about Baby Shoes?

Should babies wear shoes? There are many countries where babies don't wear shoes because the people think that it will not be good for the babies feet.

There are other countries where babies start wearing shoes even before they start walking and the society takes pride in the beautiful small feet.

How would this baby elephant feel when you put on shoes on all the four legs? Especially since it has to learn walking in the forests, wouldn't it feel better with soft, spongy shoes?

I think it might enjoy glowing, squeaky baby shoes. What do you say?

Find some information about Baby Shoes and decide when your baby should start wearing shoes.

Have you heard about teaching carpets?

Do you know there are carpets which can teach your children letters, numbers, shape and pattern recognition?

There are carpets which are good for teaching color recognition, visual discrimination, phonics rules, math facts and come with a teacher's manual.

Many carpets now come with stain protectors.

To know more about baby products check this out:

Baby Products

To know more about carpets or braided rugs check this out:

Anyone out there pursuing peace?

If peace is auctioned how much will you bid for it?

Check it out at ebay for Rupee One.

Pursuit of Peace and Bliss

It is under the travel and adventure category, especially because there cannot be any other adventure or travel on earth which can match this.

Are you ready to buy a piece of adventure and peace for yourself at one rupee?

Would you like a free sample? Go to Unleash Energy search box in this blog and search for peace.

Ready for some serious bidding?

What do you know about antique diamond rings? Do you know how to select one and ensure what it is worth?

Read this section for tips for starting your antique collection.

Don't miss out the section on antique rings here.

Whether you are proposing to your beloved, looking for a super special gift for your bride or searching for a unique gift for a wedding anniversary, this is where you will find something extraordinary:

Your bidding should match your love and what you think your beloved deserves.

Start your bidding now! Go to ebay to place your bidding now!

Sagar Adorns Super Sun Glasses

Isn't Sagar cool in the super sun glasses he is wearing?

If you want to meet Sagar's mom and dad go to this blog: Sagar's Mom. If you want to buy a super sunglass like this for yourself or your kid check out the tips here:

Dhruti has a Question on English in India

Dhruti Vaghela has sent this question:

Dear Madam,

At present I am serving as a visitor lecturer at Halol Arts College, Gujarat University. I have to have a Paper-reading on ‘Importance of English as an International Language’. For this purpose I am in need of information regarding ‘The role of English language in India’. I searched a lot to get information from books and Websites but the result is zero. So, now you are the only person who can help me in this matter.

Dhruti please check out this link for points which you can expand.

English in India

At the end of the write-up there are links which you can explore for further information. The idea, Dhruti, is not to give you the whole presentation but to help you learn how to search for and gather information.

You have said you did not get any information on this topic. When I did a Google Search for "The role of English in India", I got about 116 results. This is limited because I had used the quotes and very few reports would have used these words, in this order and in this manner. When I searched for "English in India", within quotes, I got 41, 400 links. Without quotes, just the words, English in India, resulted in 81,000,000 sites. But the first few results had most of the information I have included in the write-up.

When you do a Google Search, if you look at the websites listed and read a couple of sentences given below the link, you can quickly identify if that site has the information you need. For example, have a look at this link:
English in India
english has official status of assistant language in india.The british introduced
english in india for official purposes. many indians speak and write ...
adaniel.tripod.com/Languages3.htm - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

The sentences below the link makes it clear, this is related to what you are looking for. If you look at the description the words English and India are bold, they are highlighted.

By putting the words in quotation you can limit your search and avoid those sites where the words are not used in the same order. Whenever you try a search and you are not able to get the desired result for a string of words in quotations, remove the quotation marks and try the search again. Or think of other words which may be related to the information you seek and try a search with those words.

If you have more questions or comments, click on comments here and post them. All the best for your presentation.

I Want to Sell an Antique Diamond Ring

I got a call from ebay yesterday. I have registered at ebay but I have still not learnt how to sell things there.

Yesterday I got a call and a lady with a soft voice told me she could give me a 15 minute training online if I want to sell something in ebay. I said ok I will be online for 15 minutes tomorrow.

She said get a photo of what you want to sell and I will call you tomorrow. I first thought I wanted to sell some electronic goods. Later I felt why not sell my diamond ring and get some money for the home mortgage.

So I have taken a photo of the diamond ring, my daughter helped me do it. I will learn how to sell and check out if I can use ebay for future buyings and sellings.

The diamond ring I have is ages old, it is very precious, has a beautiful design and is 'Anamol' (that which cannot be valued in terms of money). I have read a lot about antiques.

Have you checked this site? If you are interested in antiques you should.


And if you are buying an antique ring for your fiance' do not forget to send her some flowers. In the same site you will find some online florists.

Online Florists

And if you have any questions about antiques post your comments here.

Do you know how you learn?

Whatever you want to learn, you need to know your learning styles. And you need to understand what way of learning suits you best.

Visit this site for free learning styles inventory and free tips for improving your grades in the examinations.

Free Learning Styles Inventory

When you click on this you will see the How to Learn site. On the very top you will see this:

You will also see FREE in big block letters. Under this you will see

Select One: .................... You can select one of the options student, teacher , employer, employee, etc.

Then click on "Click Here Now".

This will take you to a page where you have to enter your Name and Email. Enter them and click on "Click Here to Continue".

This will get you to the questions related to your learning styles. For each question answer very truthfully keeping in mind whatever preferences you have. There are no right or wrong answers. All answers are right. Just click on whatever suits your way of working.

After you complete the questionnaire, you will get a report which will include details of your preferred learning style and tips for learning better and improving your grades.

Try it today. It will change your life.