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Distance Learning and Distance Learning Online

Distance learning has become extremely appealing and widely attended because of the many educational options it offers through an educational format that caters to students who require flexibility in pursuing a degree. If you have decided that you need to jump-start your flagging career, want to change careers, or reach higher for an education that can increase your earning potential, then a distance learning online school is for you!

Anything from the traditional undergraduate and graduate degrees to certificates, diplomas and other certification is available in the wide world of distance learning. If you plan to study business, education, religion, math or any of the other traditional educational disciplines, you can find a distance learning online school offering exactly what you need. If you prefer a vocational education such as computer technology, culinary arts, mechanics or fashion design from an accredited certificate or diploma program, then you will find an abundance of options through the distance learning school format.

Some distance learning schools can be completed in as little as a few months in order to be qualified for the career you choose and some will require as much as 3 to 4 years if enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. The options are limitless as to the profession or skill that a distance learning school may offer providing you a chance to find the dream job or satisfying career you have always wanted. With the flexible distance learning online format, a distance learning school provides you with all the instructional materials you will need to study in the comfort of your own home and around your own work schedule. Unlike traditional on-campus studies, distance learning schools are more likely to attract those that are already in jobs and have settled in particular locales with a family. The distance learning online school format usually draws more 'mature' students and some distance learning schools have a required age limit to whom they will offer their services especially among the university educational community. Personal accountability and motivation are imperative to the learner's success in a distance learning school even with all the instructional monitoring provided by the schools.

If you are interested in exploring a distance learning online school education, a wide array of choices can be found throughout the Internet with informative sites on every imaginable interest. Decide what amount of time that you can devote to studies, how much financially you can invest in a new skill or degree and what format of distance learning you prefer. Some distance learning online schools offer curriculum mostly by video instruction, others use a totally computer-based format, and still others instruct completely by mail. Many art instruction schools use the correspondence by mail format while some technical schools offer total computer-based instruction. Thoroughly investigate the distance learning online school of your choice as to its instruction format, distance learning policies, financial aid, and accreditation status. If you can imagine it, you can find it through distance learning online educational websites!

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Environmental Trends In Elearning Reviewed

Twenty years ago a typical college classroom had very little technology. Maybe there were a few computers, but for the most part students turned in assignments written from a typewriter. Ten years ago technology began to seep into the college academic setting. For example, Professors started simple WebPages containing course information and perhaps links to reference resources.

In the late 1990's, however, college academia took a giant step forward in elearning by introducing courses that could be taken entirely online. The environmental trends in elearning have changed dramatically from the infrequent use of the Internet and elearning to relying on the elearning for an entire course.

This environmental trend in elearning opened up the opportunity to study at the college level to many more students. Technical colleges, for example, are home to many nontraditional older students. These students have full time jobs, families, and little free time. It is difficult to miss work to attend class during the day. Night classes are possible, but that means less time with family. That is when an online course can save the day and allow these types of students to work on their degree.

Online courses are available at many four-year and two-year colleges and universities. In the last few years, online colleges have emerged that offer an entire degree program online. These comprehensive courses of study allow a more diverse student population to have access to the education they seek.

Another environmental trend in elearning is the way classes are conducted. Classes are administered through software programs such as Blackboard and WebCT. These web-based programs allow students to login to a virtual classroom. They can access course materials such as lecture notes, assignments, and tests. They can communicate with the instructor and other classmates through email messages and a class message forum.

Professors, teachers, and instructors also have an array of options. There are calendar, email, and syllabus tools. Electronic grade books are a nice feature of elearning software programs. Electronic grade books are more than just a repository of grades. They can actually calculate final grades based on specific classroom grading criteria and policies. This is a welcome addition for many teachers that are technologically savvy. Plus students can view their grades online throughout the semester and track their progress.

As technology progresses so will the elearning environment. The academic options are far different from what they were even ten years ago. Imagine what the options will entail ten years from now.
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Homeschooling — Can I Do It?

Many parents would like to homeschool their children but are afraid they don’t have the training or ability to be their children’s teacher. This is certainly understandable, because many parents never had any formal training to be a teacher. However, most parents don’t have to worry about this issue.

There is literally a supermarket of education resources available for parents to choose from to help them homeschool their children. These include low-cost Internet private schools that take most of the homeschooling burden off parents’ backs. There are also hundreds of low-cost instruction books on how to teach your child reading, math, and many other subjects. These are available in most libraries and great book stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders. There are also thousands of computer software programs that will help you teach your child reading, math, and many other subjects. Also, the Internet is a vast source of information both for you and your children. All these sources are geared towards average parents

Remember also that over a million average parents like yourself already successfully homeschool their kids. One study has shown that over half of homeschooling parents only have high-school diplomas. Also, millions of parents in this country taught their kids the basics at home for over 200 years before we ever had public schools, which first started in the 1850’s. Also, these parents did not have bookstores, Internet private schools, computer software, or all the other education resources you have available today.

Second, if you research and use the many free-market educational resources described in my book, “Public Schools, Public Menace,” it will be hard for you to fail. You can choose from a wide variety of quality Internet private schools, learn-to-read (and math) books and computer learning software, and home-schooling resources to teach your children. Also, Internet education sites are always there, always ready to coach your child, twenty-four hours a day.

These education alternatives are relatively inexpensive, yet offer high-quality instruction. Your job as a parent is to commit some time and energy to find the right education resources for your children, then help and encourage them to learn.

Also, like most kids, your children want to learn when they study subjects that interest them. When learning becomes fun, your kids can become your best home-schooling partner and help you succeed. Your kids may enjoy home-schooling so much that you may soon have to drag them away from their books or the computer for lunch. But isn’t that great? Wouldn’t you like to see your kids totally engrossed with their studies, improving their reading skills rapidly, and finding joy in learning?

Here’s the beauty of homeschooling — if one math or reading book, software program, or Internet school doesn’t excite your children or provide satisfactory results, there are many more to choose from. If you find home-schooling difficult in the beginning, use all the resources described in “Public Schools, Public Menace” to find books, Internet schools and tutors, teaching materials, home-schooling organizations, and other home-schooling parents you can network with. Almost a million parents just like you already teach their children at home.

While no one can guarantee you success, like anything else in life, if you keep trying, you will probably succeed in giving your kids a great education at home. If you say to yourself, “I will make this work, for my child’s sake,” you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish. Tell yourself what Gene Kranz, actor Ed Harris’s character in the movie Apollo 13, said to his Houston crew about rescuing the astronauts in trouble: “Failure is not an option.” If you say this and mean it, you’re halfway to success for yourself and your child.

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Dieting While Partying!

It's really difficult for a person to socialise if he is on a Diet. Totally ignoring parties and invitation is definitely not a solution.You have to strike a balance between your diet and social parties which, trust me, isn't easy at all. But we can always take necesaary precautions so as to avoid overeating.

Here is some valuable tips to keep everyone happy.

a) Try eating light snacks aroung 6 PM before leaving for the party. The problem with late night parties is that dinner isnt served before 11 and by that time rats are running in everyones stomach , so people end up eating a lot which they shouldnt.

b) At dinner, try eating vegetables only along with some fat free yogurt. If you cant resist non-veg, go in for grilled chicken.

c) Caution : Do not drink soups at parties as they have cornflour which is by any means not good for people who are on diet.

d) Avoid unhealthy food like white bread, deep fried foods and oily vegetables.

e) Choose salads with combination of chicken and and greens with marinated vegetables. Chinese greens are great choice anyday.

f) Eat your food slowly and cherish it to the fullest.

Few more veryday Diet Tips for everyone:

a) If you prefer non-vegetarian food, eat more fish and lesser red meat. Infact one should avoid Red Meat. It not only increase Cholestrol but also makes you more susceptible to heart attack and other heart related diseases.

b) Your Diet should have less sodium and more fibre . Fibre improves your digestion and keeps your stomach in good shape.

c) People with cholestrol problem should not eat york at all.Keep them for kids.

d) Get into the habbit of eating fruits as desserts instead of high calorie ice creams and puddings.

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