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Who Were You in Your Last Life?

Do you want to know who you were in your last life?

Click on this link and input your date of birth. You will get to know who you were in your past life and what is the lessons for the present life?

Let me know my past life and the lesson for the present one.

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Types of Cholestrol

Do you know that there are different types of cholestrol?

While most people talk about “cholesterol levels” there is in fact more than one type of cholesterol. In fact, there are several different body functions and several different substances that make up our understanding of “cholesterol.”

Here are some types for you to know:

High Density Lipoproteins (HDL)

Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)

If you want to learn more about Cholestrol you can go to Help Me Doc for Medical Info.

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The National Eligibility Test has become compulsory for any one who would like to teach at the college level. You do not get the proper scale of pay unless you clear the examination.

The exams are held twice a year - June and December.

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Is there an iPod in your wish list?

I am sure Santa must have got a lot of applications for an iPod this Christmas. Do you have the iPod Nano or Mini?

Here is a Quickie comparing iPod Nano with iPod Mini:

The iPod Nano is very tiny. In fact, it’s about the size of a portable flash drive (those little memory sticks that people walk around with and plug into their laptops).

The iPod Nano has all of the features of the iPod mini, with the real differences being size, storage capacity, and technical scalability.

Similar to the mini, the nano also has a color screen, and the beloved grey wheel that must be depressed in order to work (which is a feature that Apple added based on feedback from early iPod consumers).

The iPod Nano weighs – get this – an ounce, which MacWorld equates to the heaviness of 6 credit cards. Here is a must read free ebook at Want to Learn.

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPod

Don't forget to checkout the info on iTunes:

All About iTunes

Intelligent Design Vs Darwin's Theory

There is a deabate going on about the evolution of the world.

"According to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, the strong survive by a process of natural selection of the most fit."

"Some scientists have decided that a more acceptable explanation for the diversity of life is that an intelligent force has expressed itself through the different stages of the evolutionary process."

Indians have always believed from Ancient times that Man has descended from a Super Human Stature and God the Supreme Power has created the world.

Do you believe in Intelligent Design? How do you think you can connect yourself to the Universal Source?

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Role of God in Our Life by Krishna

This is written by a young boy of about 22 who is a mature thinker. To know more about him visit his blog Emperuman. Post your comments and discuss this topic with him.

Role of god in our life

God is love, the spirit of love, the energy of love. That love is always here for us when we open our heart. Our heart opens automatically when our intent is to learn to love ourselves and others rather than protect us against what we fear with our controlling behavior. To know God is to know Love. To know Love is to know God.

You've heard it said before, "God's delays are not God's denials". I believe that's true. Patience has character building power within it. Patience takes the impossibilities of life and turns them into realities. Patience can also make you feel like taking a long walk off a short pier sometimes.

God is the supreme power; there is no power equal to god. I cannot say anything for the person who does not believe in god. God gives everything for those who has faith in him, but he does not give everything that we ask, as he alone knows what is best for us. He knows what he should give us and when he should give us that. At times we do not get the things we ask of him, there are delays and we have to pass through many obstacles. But we will not be unduly disturbed if we believe that whatever things we ought to get will be given to us.

Every religion has their own god, no god is superior or inferior, every god is important. Most of the people have faith in god. We can say there are more temples, mosques, churches in India than in any other country; we should feel proud of saying this. I can say that god is our shadow, who is with us even in our sorrowful days; he acts like our close friend, giving his hands to lift us up and come up in life.

He gives us troubles and obstacles not to hurt us but for making us experienced. If you think of a person’s life who is always having a happy life and no troubles, there is no charm or thrill in his life. So there should be some troubles and obstacles in our life to make our life interesting, so we should try to accept it happily. Then another thing he teaches us is, in our life we should try to help others, live for others. If we do this our life will be very happy. If we cry for others, somebody will cry for us- this is the logic of life.

If we have faith in god, he provides us all that we need just like a mother. He does not say that he has to be worshiped daily with rich fruits and delicious food, etc. Even if we offer him a small flower and a little bit milk or just plain water, and place our obligations at his feet, then he will take care of everything, we need not worry about anything. God does not see whether we are rich or poor, he only sees the heart of a person and identifies who serves him the best.

We do one wrong thing. Whenever we are in trouble, we pray to god and ask him help but after the troubles are solved, we don’t think of thanking the god for doing a great job. I do not say that the god has solved the troubles fully but to some extent, as its our duty to thank the god after our problems get solved. Thanking god means not offering him huge amount or costly articles but praying again to god saying ‘Thanks for the timely help’. God does not expect this from us but its our primary duty to thank god every time when our problems are solved.

God does not expect from us even a single piece of bread or a single rupee for the work done but we should be loyal to him. So god is like our shadow. He accompanies us, every day, every minute, till the last breath in our life.


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A Passionate Comment on the Hilarious Post!

I had a post on 21st.

Hilarious: Dutchman's Experience of Driving in


And I have received this comment from an anonymous reader, a True Indian and Hyderabadi..


Anonymous said...

Poor westerners !!! seems like they live only on their city roads !!! after living in Hyderabad for two years he did not see any positive thing about Hyderabad ???? seems he has some mental disorder you want to do business with India and earn money by doing business here and critise like this ?? talk about Hyderabadis culture,friendlyness,the care they take for the guests....there are lots to talk rather than rubbish road and traffic issue .

A True Indian- Hyderabadi...


What do you think? What is your comment?

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Hilarious: Dutchman's Experience of Driving in Hyderabad

This hilarious article was written by a Dutchman from Baan, Netherlands who spent two years in Hyderabad, India, as a visiting expert.

Driving in India
For the benefit of every Tom, Dick and Harry visiting India and daring to drive on Indian roads, I am offering a few hints for survival. They are applicable to every place in India except Bihar, where life outside a vehicle is only marginally safer.

Indian road rules broadly operate within the domain of karma where you do your best, and leave the results to your insurance company. The hints are as follows:

Do we drive on the left or right of the road? The answer is "both".

Basically you start on the left of the road, unless it is occupied. In that case, go to the right, unless that is also occupied.

Then proceed by occupying the next available gap, as in chess. Just trust your instincts, ascertain the direction, and proceed. Adherence to road rules leads to much misery and occasional fatality.

Most drivers don't drive, but just aim their vehicles in the generally intended direction.

Don't you get discouraged or underestimate yourself except for a belief in reincarnation, the other drivers are not in any better position. Don't stop at pedestrian crossings just because some fool wants to cross the road. You may do so only if you enjoy being bumped in the back.

Pedestrians have been strictly instructed to cross only when traffic is moving slowly or has come to a dead stop because some minister is in town.

Still some idiot may try to wade across, but then, let us not talk ill of the dead.

Blowing your horn is not a sign of protest as in some countries. We horn to express joy, resentment, frustration, romance and bare lust (two brisk blasts),or just mobilize a dozing cow in the middle of the bazaar. Keep informative books in the glove compartment. You may read them during traffic jams, while awaiting the chief minister's motorcade, or waiting for the rainwaters to recede when overground traffic meets underground drainage.

Occasionally you might see what looks like a UFO with blinking colored lights and weird sounds emanating from within. This is an illuminated bus, full of happy pilgrims singing bhajans. These pilgrims go at breakneck speed, seeking contact with the Almighty, often meeting with success.

Auto Rickshaw (Baby Taxi): The result of a collision between a rickshaw and an automobile, this three-wheeled vehicle works on an external combustion engine that runs on a mixture of
kerosene oil and creosote.

This triangular vehicle carries iron rods, gas cylinders or passengers three times its weight and dimension, at an unspecified fare. After careful geometric calculations, children are folded and packed into these auto rickshaws until some children in the periphery are not in contact with the vehicle at all. Then their school bags are pushed into the microscopic gaps all round so those minor collisions with other vehicles on the road cause no permanent damage. Of course, the peripheral children are charged half the fare and also learn Newton's laws of motion enroute to school. Auto-rickshaw drivers follow the road rules depicted in the film Ben Hur, and are licensed to irritate.

Mopeds:The moped looks like an oil tin on wheels and makes noise like an electric shaver. It runs 30 miles on a teaspoon of petrol and travels at break-bottom speed. As the sides of the road are too rough for a ride, the moped drivers tend to drive in the middle of the road; they would rather drive under heavier vehicles instead of around them and are often "mopped" off the tarmac.

Leaning Tower of Passes: Most bus passengers are given free passes and during rush hours, there is absolute mayhem. There are passengers hanging off other passengers, who in turn hang off the railings and the overloaded bus leans dangerously, defying laws of gravity but obeying laws of surface tension. As drivers get paid for overload (so many Rupees per kg of passenger), no questions are ever asked. Steer clear of these buses by a width of three passengers.

One-way Street: These boards are put up by traffic people to add jest in their otherwise drab lives. Don't stick to the literal meaning and proceed in one direction. In metaphysical terms, it means that you cannot proceed in two directions at once. So drive as you like, in reverse throughout, if you are the fussy type.

Least I sound hypercritical, I must add a positive point also. Rash and fast driving inresidential areas has been prevented by providing a "speed breaker"; two for each house. This mound, incidentally, covers the water and drainage pipes for that residence and is left untarred for easy identification by the corporation authorities, should they want to recover the pipe for year-end accounting.

Night driving on Indian roads can be an exhilarating experience for those with the mental make up of Ghenghis Khan. In a way, it is like playing Russian roulette, because you do not know who amongst the drivers is loaded.

What looks like premature dawn on the horizon turns out to be a truck attempting a speed record. On encountering it, just pull partly into the field adjoining the road until the phenomenon passes.

Our roads do not have shoulders, but occasional boulders. Do not blink Re: your lights expecting reciprocation. The only dim thing in thetruck is the driver, and with the peg of illicit arrack (alcohol) he has had at the last stop, his total cerebral functions add up to little more than a naught. Truck drivers are the James Bonds of India, and are licensed to kill. Often you may encounter a single powerful beam of light about six feet above the ground. This is not a super motorbike, but a truck approaching you with a single light on, usually the left one. It could be the right one, but never get too close to investigate. You may prove your point posthumously. Of course, all this occurs at night, on the trunk roads.

During the daytime, trucks are more visible, except that the drivers will never show any Signal. (And you must watch for the absent signals; they are the greater threat). Only, you will often observe that the cleaner who sits next to the driver, will project his hand and wave hysterically. This is definitely not to be construed as a signal for a left turn. The waving is just an statement of physical relief on a hot day. If, after all this, you still want to drive in India, have your lessons between 8 pm and 11 am-when the police have gone home and – The citizen is then free to enjoy the 'FREEDOM OF SPEED' enshrined in the constitution.

Having said all this, isn't it true that the accident rate and related deaths are less in India compared to US or other countries!!??

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Finger Millet or Ragi Recipes

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100 gm of ragi will provide 7.3gms of protein, 1.3gm of fat, 2.7 gm of minerals, 3.6gm of fibre, 72.0gm of carbohydrates, 328kcal of energy, 344 mg of calcium, 283mg of phosphorous, 3.9mg of iron.

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Medalit Holyoak from Peru Asks.......

My name is Medalit Holyoak, I teach English in a secondary school in a small town in PerĂ¹, I read your email from ELTeCS and I am interested in learning more about discipline and be a better teacher and to give my best like a person, like a teacher. I would like to have news from you.
Medalit Holyoak

It is so nice to hear from teachers who want to give their best as a person first and foremost. That is the secret of good teachers, the ones the students remember long after they have finished their courses and got lost in the world.

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Teaching Large and Small Classes

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Krish M. A. ELT, English Institute, Gujarat has a Question

I have received a question from one of the M. A. ELT students who is studying at H. M. Patel Institute of English Training and Research, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat.

Hello Madam,

Sorry to distrube you ma'm. I'm M A final year student, I want your help in finding authentic materials for teaching functional English. I hope u help us again.

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Draw Houses and Solve a Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery Puzzle for You to Solve
Check out the complete version here: Learning Styles

Listed below is a set of 16 clues to a murder investigation involving the occupants of five consecutive houses. They are all you need to solve the mystery of "Who Killed Who."

The "Who Killed Who" Murder Mystery Clues:
  1. - The Motivator plays bowls on Saturday.
  2. - When facing the houses, the house with the blue roof is immediately to the right of the house with the grey roof.
  3. - The man in the middle house plays golf twice a week.
  4. - The woman in the house with the blue roof is a hockey player.
  5. - The Scientist lives in the first house, near the cheesecake shop.
  6. - The person who drives a Jaguar lives next to the man with the Dalmatian.
  7. - The person who lives in the house with the red roof drives a Renault.
  8. - The Scientist lives in the house next to the house with the green roof.
  9. - The Accountant's house has a Volkswagen parked in the driveway.
  10. - The man who drives the Lexus owns a Shitzhu.
  11. - The Doctor lives in the house with the brown roof.
  12. - The house with the Renault in the driveway is next to the house next door to where the Doberman lives.
  13. - The murderer's Poodle went missing on Sunday.
  14. - The Lawyer hates dogs but loves cheesecake.
  15. - The man who drives the Porsche is a keen jogger and was seen running past the victim's house just after midnight on Wednesday.
  16. - The victim used to enjoy playing lacrosse on Tuesday evenings.
If you solve the mystery all the clues will fit together like a successful crossword puzzle. If you are having difficulty you can email budo@iinet.net.au for some clues.

Hint: Make a drawing of the five houses.

About the author: Gary Simpson is the author of eight books covering a diverse range of subjects such as self esteem, affirmations, self defense, finance and much more. His articles appear all over the web. Visit his Motivation & Self Esteem for Success website.

Written by: Gary Simpson

WOW! My Blog has been Whitelisted!

What can be more frustrating to a regular blogger than to find his blog being marked as a spam blog. For some reason, God Knows What, Google thought my blog is a spam blog. I had to enter the word verification code.

Ok I thought. They are protecting me from spams and it is a small price to pay for it. I entered the code. Guess what! It takes me back to the word verification and says enter the code. So I thought, 'Ok it is a free training for me in patience. Let me do it'.

Guess Again! How long do you think my patience would have lasted? Is there a Nobel Prize for patience and endurance?

I found a small question mark above the word verification and I clicked on it. My well-wisher told me since you are reading this your blog is probably not a spam blog. So just to prove you are not a robot please enter the code here. I was eager to prove that I was far from a robot. I duly entered the code.

Actually the robot was at the other end. And it says, 'Now a human has to verify you. So please have patience and wait some more. Thanks for your patience'.

I filled in a contact us if you have trouble form. I got an email which said why don't you try this, this, this link to solve your problem. If you can't do it then reply to this email. I had already done that, that and that too. So I dutifully replied to that mail and said Pleeeeeeeeeeeasssssssse help!!!!!!!!!!

And after three days I have got a mail now from blogger support which says:


Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and whitelisted so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Blogger Support

So after logging out and signing in again ( I had forgotten my username and password in the meantime as I had not used it for a few days) I am posting this story.

All of you please pray for me that I continue to be Whitelisted and never have to go through the whole process again.

My instinct tells me, God Knows Why, not to jump about and hit the roof with joy crying out, 'WOW! My Blog has been Whitelisted!' And post a comment here before you are suspected to be a robot.

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Too Much to Learn with Too Little Help

I feel sorry when I look at the tiny tots carrying cart loads of books and going to school. Both the kids and their parents have to do a lot of work right from the time the kids are in LKG.

Anxious parents are so desperate to help their kids that they even start doing the children's homework and project reports.

If they really want to help their children they should know HOW their children learn and how best to teach them to learn on their own. Knowing their children's learning styles and teaching them according to what suits them best can get amazing results.

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Today's Question: Online Dictionary

I have received a question from a reader who is preparing a presentation about 'Creative use of Dictionary' and he wants to know some activities and games based on dictionaries.

There are many dictionaries which are available both online and offline. These dictionaries include activities to practice words. Some can send a word through mail everyday. There are also dictionaries which can help you get meanings of words on webpages just by doule clicking on the words. Check out some of these at: Online Dictionary.

To practice words - games, crosswords, quizes are very helpful. check out these:

Multimedia Presentation for Vocabulary Enrichment

200 Crossword Puzzles

Multiple-Choice Quiz

Medical Terminologies

Just check out these webpages and if you don't find what you are looking for send a comment to me and I will surely respond.

Today's Question: Current Affairs

I have an interesting question from a reader. He wants to know why I don't cover current affairs. I said send me your question and I will respond. This is what he has sent me:

"Can i know how far the flood relief given by the govt has reached the lower people?
Because some of the private channels say that the relief is not given properly, till now the places has not cleard from water logging oin roads.

hope i'll get a positive result frm u.
keep developing ur post everyday"

We also chatted and discussed the present state of sordid affairs. The Ruling Party, the Opposition, each channel, newspaper and magazine have their own bias, special preferences. Who do we believe? What do we do?

The rain in Tamil Nadu and the relief fund that is attached to it has given rise to a lot of controversy. The ruling party will say we have provided relief to everyone and the opposition will say they have not done anything to anyone. The truth in fact might lie somewhere in between.

What should the common man do? Who should he believe?

Believe those who have data to support their argument. Many news channels just catch hold of a couple of people and ask them to speak for or against somebody. This kind of cheap manipulation is useless and such data is worthless. No one can believe such blatant lies.

The ruling party should be able to say, out of X number of places we have been able to provide relief to so many people. They should be able to share the balance sheet with the people. The opposition should be able to say the damage was so much and the money collected was X amount and it should have been used for a, b, c purposes but it is being used for x, y, z purposes.

People should support newspapers and channels which listen to both the parties and question both of them objectively and without any partiality.

For example in this news item, The Hindu has covered all the viewpoints including the protestors, resisdents of the affected area, the Minister, the collector and the police commissioner. This is an objective report.

The Government has started eGovernance and the municipality has a website.

Example: Vellore Municipality website

The site has a provision: Submit your grievance

Here people can complain about their problems. After complaining they can check the status of their complant by going to:

Check status of your grievance

The Municipality also says:

"We request your comments and suggestions to help us to improve this website and our services to you."

This shows that this Municipality has made every effort to help people. How many people use this provision and how many of their problems are solved is a different question. But nobody can deny the fact that the Municipality has made every effort to address the problems of the people.


If you are the Ruling Party and want to blow your trumpet do it with grace. Support whatever you say with real data that can withstand the scrutiny of the opposition.

If you are the Opposition and want to tear the ruling party to pieces do it with facts. Collect data to support your arguments.

If you are a news site or news paper channel, even if you are sponsored by one of the parties, improve your credibility by giving both points of view or multiple points of view. And base your opinion on statistics.

If you are a common man attacked on all sides by all these people, keep your mind open, seek proof, read the implied meaning of the person who gives you the information and respond with criticism and appreciation.

If you are the Rain God please have some mercy on the Tamil Nadu people. They have already been beaten to death by the downpour of political speeches.

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Follow the Writer, Explore and Learn

The writer has to write keeping in mind what the reader wants. What about the reader then?

The reader has to hang on the tail of ideas the writer is presenting just like this baby elephant is doing.

The baby will begin to follow the path set by the mother and then will start exploring things on its own.

The problems arise when we either refuse to follow or follow blindly without exploring things for ourselves.

Keeping our mind open will help us learn from others and still not lose our original thinking.

What Appeals to the Reader?

When we write something we expect somebody to read it. Most often we write about some message we want to convey. Do we also think of whether that appeals to the reader?

When I asked one of the readers of my blog, what I should write about today, I was surprised to hear:
Write whatever you like. But I don't want to see any picture other than a baby elephant.
So I searched for a baby elephant and found one on the site:
Big Babies at the National Zoo.

Along with the baby here you can see the legs and trunk of the mother. My message is the additional part. My reader will first look at the baby elephant and may or may not care for the rest of my message.

So whatever I want to convey I have to weave it around what my reader wants in such a way that the person just cannot miss it.

Have you got my point? Or you wanted a baby cub and fleeted past my blog without getting anything out of it?

Build it With Care

From this level to the final construction there are many stages and a lot of hard work. Whatever you are pursuing and whatever you are trying to build, just remember to 'Build it With Care'.

Learn to Handle your Trunk

Anything that you learn for the first time can be difficult. A baby elephant learns to manage the thousand muscles in its trunk and it takes two years to gain complete control over it. There is no record of any baby elephant having given up the task as too difficult. What are you pursuing and how far have you got with it? Whenever you feel like giving the whole thing up, bring this picture to your mind's eye and get a hold on your trunk.
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Today's Question: Faster Browser

Many of you have problems using the internet because you find your browsers pretty slow.

Your precious time is wasted in waiting for web pages to open.

You can easily solve this by getting a faster browser.

You can download FireFox along with Google Toolbar for free and make the most of your online time.

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Today's Question: Earning Money Online

To earn money online you need to put in a lot of work. Real hard work. You need to spend hours perfecting your skills and identifying the projects that will get you maximum return.

I read an article yesterday and I thought I should share it with you. Torgeir Sunnarvik narrates his personal experience of earning money online and that is what most others also experience. To read the whole article click here.

He has some lessons to share with us. One of them is given below:

The First lesson learned

Looking back on these last three years, I have learned a few things that I would like to share with you today.

First of all, you should never join any of those scam sites that claim you will make a lot of money fast without working hard.

The cold, hard truth is that there is no way that you can make money online unless you are willing to work hard!

The next time you read about an opportunity where the promoter is telling you that you will not have to work hard to be successful, Stop! Stop and ask yourself "how hard this person is working" to part you with your money?

What about that email opportunity you are reading, where this anonymous person is telling you that you will not have to send other people email in order to make money? If he is being honest with you about the nature of his business, why did he have to send you an email to get Your business? If his way is best, why is it that he is not practicing what he preaches?

You have to approach new programs with your eyes wide open! Be willing to read between the lines to see if the promoter is lying to you to part you with your money. Be willing to research on the internet what other people have said about the program that you are looking at. Be willing to discover and separate the people who are trying to sell the program, from the people who are giving you an honest appraisal of the program, from the people who are just complaining about everything to hear themselves talk.

In the end, it comes down to this. If you get involved with one of the myriad of scam opportunities floating around out there, you will end up spending all of your money with zero rewards in your pocket for your time or effort.

To read the complete article go to Want to Learn.