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Home Loans and Credit Scores

I have taken a home loan from Sundaram Finance Ltd. of TVS. It will take me 15 to 20 years to pay up the mortgage.

Only when applying for the loan and going through the whole process I realized how difficult it is to get what they call 'hazzle free processing of loan papers'. We went to different banks and finally found Sundaram Finanace which settled things for us quickly and easily.

Do you know there is something called a credit score? Have you heard of it?

"In general, your credit score is a number that lets lenders know how much of a credit risk you are. The credit score is a number, usually between 300 and 850, that lets lenders know how well you are paying off your debts and how much of a credit risk you are. " Read more about this by going to: How to Legally Improve Your Credit Score.

And to pay up the mortgage I have taken up online jobs. Are you also looking for part time or full time jobs? Check out the information on this site: Want2Learn Online Jobs

To get these jobs you need to spruce up your resumes and Wow your employer. Where can you go to get help for resume tips and sample resumes and cover letters?

Answer: This site Want2Learn Online Jobs offers tips on resume writing. There are a number of samples for resumes and cover letters.

Check them out and get back to me with more questions, comments and suggestions.