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Webspace Buddy Specially for You!

Based on our survey results and the personal emails we received from hundreds of our website members, we are ready to offer help to those who are beginning to enter the online zone.

Whether you are a teacher, adsense publisher, internet marketer or a freelance service provider, we have special packages for you that is tailored to your needs.

How did we decide what your needs are? This is where the survey and the emails have helped us understand what many of you want from your websites and what type of web space you want.

We can also tailor it to those of you who have different requirements. All you need to do is to post a comment here, send us an email or take our survey.

You have 24 hour chat help and phone support for whatever plan you choose.

Check out the options at: Webspace Buddy Hosting plans.

Webhosting - What kind?

I am doing a very short survey on what kind of
web host people use. The link is:

Could you please click on the link and give me
your input? You don't even have to enter your name
and email - just tell me what kind of web host
you use.

In a couple of days, I will tell you why I am asking
for this info. You will be pleasantly surprised, I can
assure you of that.


How to Start a Small Business

Many of you have written that you want to start a small business of your own. How much will it cost and how to go about it, is the question that is on everybody's mind.

Within a $100 you can start your own website and add good content to it. This money is for getting a domain name, web space, buying a software that will help you build your website without getting into the technical jungle, filling up the website with good articles that are written keeping in mind keywords that are in demand, etc. etc.

Whatever business you want to start it is very important now-a-days to have an online presence. If you have no other business in mind you can plan for earning through Google adsense and affiliate programs.

Checkout some more here: http://www.softwareuseek.com/make-website

How to Build a Website Without Being a Programmer

Yes, many of you have said you want to build your own website and earn money.

Many of you have no knowledge of programming.

Some of you have very little experience of using the internet.

No Problems.

I am just like one of you and I am earning well through my websites now.

I didn't join a fashion designing course to fill my wardrobe with the latest designs.

I didn't join a cookery class to heat up and serve ready to eat stuffs.

Website building can be as easy as cooking 2 minute noodles if you have the right software.

Is that possible? Really? check it out for yourself.


Many of you have also asked me, "Rangoo, what do I do with a website when I have no content to put in?".

I have not written all the articles on my websites.

There are ways of getting articles. All you do is copy and paste.

Interested? Check it out.


Want to Build Your Own Website and Earn Money?

Hey everyone!

It's finally here--the software you were waiting
for. The professional, yet easy to use website
builder that will help you create websites in
a jiffy.

If you are in a hurry, you can go directly to:

But do you want to know what makes this software
so special? I had it custom made based on the
problems I had while creating websites, and also
from the feedback that I got from my students of
web design.

Earlier, if you had to create a website, you had
to learn HTML. And that was pretty tedious! You
had to work on a text editor, and then you had to
preview in a browser to see if everything was turning
out the way you wanted and so on and so forth.

Want a sneak peek to the super software?

Next, came the mega website editors - Frontpage and
Dreamweaver. Every professional used to use it and
hey, they were popular. In fact, the most requested
tutorial at my site http://www.coursesuseek.com
is the Dreamweaver and Frontpage tutorials.

But, they still had limitations. They worked when
you had to create one page sites, but not when you
had to create a website that had 10-15 pages. Because
when you made a change in one page, you had to go
and change the menu titles and the links in all
pages! Gosh was that tedious.

So then I decided, how about I create a software
that has all the necessary features that one needs
to create a professional website -- and that does
not cost the earth!

And that's how you got:

I keep on talking about how this software creates
a navigational menu for your site and how easy it is
to add and edit pages. Why would that be important?
Because a good menu is one of the most important
things you need to get top search engine rankings!

If your pages are not linked together properly,
then the search engine crawler cannot find your
pages and it cannot index them.

Before I go rambing on, check out the software
for yourself at:

Don't forget to grab your copy now, because I
am going to send the first 50 customers some
special tutorials and tips and tricks on how
to create websites and set them up to start
making money for you.