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Teacher Professional Development

Professional developement for teachers has become easier with the latest courses available online, YouTube videos and a host of resources online.

Teachers can find answers to their questions just by spending a few minutes searching for the answers.

There are a number of social networking options such as Google + and Google Communities available for teachers to interact with experienced teachers and learn from them.

Teachers' Nook

Teachers' Nook is a Google Community for teachers. Teachers can interact with each other, share tips and useful resources, exchange suggestions to overcome problems and generally network and bond with others in the same profession.


Teacher Eligibility Test

If you want to teach at the primary or upper primary level you need to clear the teacher eligibility test.

Get more information from here: http://www.want2learn.com/tet

Do you know How to Use Google Doc, Wave and Buzz for Teaching English

A teacher of English can make the class closer to real life interaction, more interesting and more meaningful.

The Google services are easy to use, easy to teach children how to use and will make your teaching-learning more effective.

If your students have a separate computer session in the school try to integrate it with your English class and work with the computer teachers to prepare an integrated syllabus.

Check out the teacher resources at http://www.askrangoo.com

Learn more about using these services by sending your questions to the monthly webinar at

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