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Role of God in Our Life by Krishna

This is written by a young boy of about 22 who is a mature thinker. To know more about him visit his blog Emperuman. Post your comments and discuss this topic with him.

Role of god in our life

God is love, the spirit of love, the energy of love. That love is always here for us when we open our heart. Our heart opens automatically when our intent is to learn to love ourselves and others rather than protect us against what we fear with our controlling behavior. To know God is to know Love. To know Love is to know God.

You've heard it said before, "God's delays are not God's denials". I believe that's true. Patience has character building power within it. Patience takes the impossibilities of life and turns them into realities. Patience can also make you feel like taking a long walk off a short pier sometimes.

God is the supreme power; there is no power equal to god. I cannot say anything for the person who does not believe in god. God gives everything for those who has faith in him, but he does not give everything that we ask, as he alone knows what is best for us. He knows what he should give us and when he should give us that. At times we do not get the things we ask of him, there are delays and we have to pass through many obstacles. But we will not be unduly disturbed if we believe that whatever things we ought to get will be given to us.

Every religion has their own god, no god is superior or inferior, every god is important. Most of the people have faith in god. We can say there are more temples, mosques, churches in India than in any other country; we should feel proud of saying this. I can say that god is our shadow, who is with us even in our sorrowful days; he acts like our close friend, giving his hands to lift us up and come up in life.

He gives us troubles and obstacles not to hurt us but for making us experienced. If you think of a person’s life who is always having a happy life and no troubles, there is no charm or thrill in his life. So there should be some troubles and obstacles in our life to make our life interesting, so we should try to accept it happily. Then another thing he teaches us is, in our life we should try to help others, live for others. If we do this our life will be very happy. If we cry for others, somebody will cry for us- this is the logic of life.

If we have faith in god, he provides us all that we need just like a mother. He does not say that he has to be worshiped daily with rich fruits and delicious food, etc. Even if we offer him a small flower and a little bit milk or just plain water, and place our obligations at his feet, then he will take care of everything, we need not worry about anything. God does not see whether we are rich or poor, he only sees the heart of a person and identifies who serves him the best.

We do one wrong thing. Whenever we are in trouble, we pray to god and ask him help but after the troubles are solved, we don’t think of thanking the god for doing a great job. I do not say that the god has solved the troubles fully but to some extent, as its our duty to thank the god after our problems get solved. Thanking god means not offering him huge amount or costly articles but praying again to god saying ‘Thanks for the timely help’. God does not expect this from us but its our primary duty to thank god every time when our problems are solved.

God does not expect from us even a single piece of bread or a single rupee for the work done but we should be loyal to him. So god is like our shadow. He accompanies us, every day, every minute, till the last breath in our life.