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Medalit Holyoak from Peru Asks.......

My name is Medalit Holyoak, I teach English in a secondary school in a small town in Perù, I read your email from ELTeCS and I am interested in learning more about discipline and be a better teacher and to give my best like a person, like a teacher. I would like to have news from you.
Medalit Holyoak

It is so nice to hear from teachers who want to give their best as a person first and foremost. That is the secret of good teachers, the ones the students remember long after they have finished their courses and got lost in the world.

Medalit Holyoak, check out the ideas I have expressed here and explore the site for a variety of activities and tasks.

Teaching Large and Small Classes

I have referred to two very good articles which give you a lot of tips about handling large and small classes.

If you have more questions just post a comment here on this blog and I will respond to you.