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Do you know how you learn?

Whatever you want to learn, you need to know your learning styles. And you need to understand what way of learning suits you best.

Visit this site for free learning styles inventory and free tips for improving your grades in the examinations.

Free Learning Styles Inventory

When you click on this you will see the How to Learn site. On the very top you will see this:

You will also see FREE in big block letters. Under this you will see

Select One: .................... You can select one of the options student, teacher , employer, employee, etc.

Then click on "Click Here Now".

This will take you to a page where you have to enter your Name and Email. Enter them and click on "Click Here to Continue".

This will get you to the questions related to your learning styles. For each question answer very truthfully keeping in mind whatever preferences you have. There are no right or wrong answers. All answers are right. Just click on whatever suits your way of working.

After you complete the questionnaire, you will get a report which will include details of your preferred learning style and tips for learning better and improving your grades.

Try it today. It will change your life.