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ELTECS, Teachers' Association, has received a questions from a teacher about teaching poetry in the eighth grade.

This inspired me to make this post.

The teaching of poetry, I think should not begin and end with combing a poem for examination purposes. A poetry class can be a thoroughly enriching and stimulating experience for both the teacher and the learners.

I still receive messages from students who have turned into budding poets. The overall experience of working with different poems has inspired them to create their own poems.

Here is a PowerPoint Presentation on Reading Enjoying and Writing Poems.

The multimedia presentation offers some techniques, tips and tricks for teachers and learners to enjoy the whole experience.

Once you enjoy the poems, the techniques will surrender to you. If you catch hold of only the techniques of teaching, you might kill the spirit of the poems.

Watch the PowerPoint Presentation and add your own unique contribution.

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Once I wrote a poem which led to heated discussions. Read it and post your comments. I don't mind receiving hate mails from you.

Literature Dead

Who started this trend
that we cannot enjoy literature
without a net of thorns, sharpened 'isms',
crown our crop in super white dandruff?

Feminism, colonialism, newism,
ikkism, chikkism, bikkism,
Modernism, Post Modernism,
Post Post Modernism!

Before analysis do we not kill
the piece, the peace of our mind
and the authors' ghost?

Can a beautiful slit by an expert doctor
and a more beautiful stitch-up
bring the dead back to life?

Can we not dance with literature
hand in hand, mind in love
rather than put it on a stretcher
and push it through a morgue?