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Pursue Inspiring Pictures

Today I thought why not check out pictures for the word pursue. Google Image Search gave me over 41,000 images for this word. The very first is here for you to see.

The title says:

The site where it is found describes what the artist is pursuing:

Rippling patterns moving to unheard rhythms. The quivering play of light and water, refracting familiar shapes into captivating figures. The artistic basketry of Sally J. Bright bends your perception of an ages-old craft, challenging you to see beyond the medium to explore a rarely seen world expressed in her innovative art form."

If you keep looking at the artists work for a few minutes, depending on what is buried in your unconscious mind you will form an idea of what it is that you are seeing.

This in a way will provide an indication of one of your pursuits. It may not be your main goal in life, it may be a momentary pursuit and it may not be a lasting one. But you will see a glimpse of yourself.