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Earn Bonus Points and Download All You Want!

Remember the survey link I sent out, telling you that
you will get $50 worth bonus points if you fill in the
survey for me? Already lots of you have done that - and
have had fun downloading your ebooks and software.

Some of you asked me if you could forward the email to
your friends - and I thought why not. But wait - why
not make it worth it for you to forward this to your

Every time a friend of yours fills in my survey, I will
give them 5000 bonus points. But you will also get 1000
bonus points :-) Howz that?

So if 10 of your friends fill in my survey, thats 10,000
Bonus Points for you :-D WOW! Isn't that cool! Think of
all the stuff you can download.

Ok - here's what you need to do.
1) Send the email given below to your friend. I've written
the email for you and all you need to do is add your name
and send it to your friends.
2) Wait for them to send you their name and Bonus Zone login email.
3) Forward that info to me ALONG with your Bonus Zone login email.
Remember, I have no other way to track if the survey
was done by a friend of yours, so you need to include their
info PLUS your Bonus Zone login email so that I can credit you

To send me the email, just submit a ticket at:

Wishing you loads and loads of Bonus Points!!!!



A friend of mine needs respondents for a survey, and
she is giving away bonus points worth $50 to anyone
who completes the survey.

These bonus points can be used to download ebooks and
software at her Bonus Zone. Check out more details
about the money making ebooks and software at:

To participate in the survey, please click here:

Once you finish the survey, send me an email with the
following details:
Your name
Your Bonus Zone login email
(if you haven't created an account, please go to

I'll forward your email to her and you will get
Bonus Points worth $50 in your Bonus Zone account

Here's the survey link again. But remember, this will
be available only till Sunday, March 9.


P.S. Feel free to pass this email on to your friends.
Anyone who completes the survey can earn bonus points
worth $50.