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How to Build a Website Without Being a Programmer

Yes, many of you have said you want to build your own website and earn money.

Many of you have no knowledge of programming.

Some of you have very little experience of using the internet.

No Problems.

I am just like one of you and I am earning well through my websites now.

I didn't join a fashion designing course to fill my wardrobe with the latest designs.

I didn't join a cookery class to heat up and serve ready to eat stuffs.

Website building can be as easy as cooking 2 minute noodles if you have the right software.

Is that possible? Really? check it out for yourself.


Many of you have also asked me, "Rangoo, what do I do with a website when I have no content to put in?".

I have not written all the articles on my websites.

There are ways of getting articles. All you do is copy and paste.

Interested? Check it out.