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Learn to Write Well and Make Money

Here are the tips for earning a six figure income as a freelance writer.

Before that a little background info:

I work for Educational Initiatives, EI. It is a company committed to improve school education. It has a number of programmes including a diagnostic test, ASSET, teacher training and research projects. ASSET is taken by nearly a lakh of students across the country in India. Singapore and the Middle East are the other places which take ASSET. To know more about ASSET visit Educational Initiatives.

Now EI is planning to start a writing test, ASSET Writing. EI tests go through a rigorous process of standardization and so this test is still in the pre-pilotting stage. For pre-pilotting we have selected a reputed school in Chennai.

I have worked with the Hindu Senior Secondary School, Triplicane and can never forget the highly efficient Principal Mrs. Prem Dulari and the most sincere teachers who care for the welfare of the students as much as they care for their own children. When I approached the Principal, for pre-pilotting ASSET Writing, she readily agreed and took a lot of trouble to send me valuable feedback. Some of the students' writing is really good. The credit goes to the caring teachers and the talented students.

These students can grow up to be writers and earn their living through writing if they want to. It is not necessary for everyone to become a doctor or engineer. With the right attitude to work and a passionate interest in the field, people can earn name and fame in whatever they want to pursue. Here are the steps to make money as a freelance writer:

Improve your writing skills. Practice writing through free exercises available on the internet.

Learn to write Special Feature Articles.

Learn how to earn a six figure income as a freelance writer.

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And of course write to me and tell me how I can help you.